3R:s in Sweden

Efforts in Sweden to replace  animal experiments

In addition to the funding from the Swedish Fund for Research without Animal Experiments, the Swedish government has provided funding for research to develop alternatives to animal experiments since 1981.

Different government agencies have been responsible for the funding in the area of the 3Rs since the early 1980s. Since 2009 it is the responsibility of the Swedish Research Council to provide ”Research project grant for development of methods to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments (3R)”. Their grant application har opened in February and closed in mid March in the last couple of years. Deadline for application has been in March in recent years and the total amount available is about SEK 13 million/EUR 1.3 million. The Swedish Research Council also provides grants for validation studies.

RISE Research Institute of Sweden is a member of the European  EU-NETVAL (The European Union Network of Laboratories for the Validation of Alternative Methods ).

The Swedish 3Rs Center

The Swedish 3Rs Center opened in 2017 and is an arena for knowledge and progress when it comes to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments in Sweden. The Swedish 3Rs Center is also the Swedish member of the PARERE network to advise the Commission on validation efforts and priorities.

More information

Find out more about initiatives in Sweden in reports published on the EU commission website.

Swedish legislation on animal protection, animal experiments and more useful information is available at Codex>>

The  National Board of Agriculture is the government agency responsible for ensuring animal welfare in Sweden.

The Swedish Research Council is funding 3R:s research.

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