3R:s in Sweden

Efforts in Sweden to replace  animal experiments

In addition to the funding from the Swedish Fund for Research without Animal Experiments, the Swedish government has provided funding for research to develop alternatives to animal experiments since 1981.

Different government agencies have been responsible for the funding in the area of the 3Rs since the early 1980s. Since 2009 it is the responsibility of the Swedish Research Council to fund “Project Research Grant within Alternatives to animal experiments according to the 3R principle“. Deadline for application is in late March and the total amount available is about SEK 12 million/EUR 1.3 million.

The government budget for funding 3R’s research was cut from SEK 15 million per year in 2003-2006 to
SEK 10 million in 2007 and down to SEK 8 million in 2008. From 2009 the budget was increased to SEK 12 million per year.  In addition to the government budget, AstraZeneca contributes SEK 1 million to be added to the grants awarded by the Swedish Research Council.

Funding of validation studies

The Swedish Center for Annimal Walfare (SCAW) at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is the Swedish member of the PARERE network to advise the Commission on validation efforts and priorities.

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden has been awarded status as a member of the European  EU-NETVAL (The European Union Network of Laboratories for the Validation of Alternative Methods ) and has been selected to participate in the validation of a new method.

The Swedish government has made available about EUR 210 000 per year to contribute to the participation of Swedish laboratories in validation studies at EU level.

A government funded knowledge center for 3Rs

In 2014 the Swedish Parliament voted in favor of setting up a national knowledge center for the 3Rs.  According to the proposal, the center will be a part of the Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket), which is the Swedish competent authority on animal experiments. The Board of Agriculture is to report to the government by December 2015 on the plans to set up the center. However, the Board of Agriculture has not yet received any additional funding in order to finance the center.

Swetox, a toxicological research center with a 3R focus

Swetox was, until it closed down at the end of 2018, a unique collaboration between eleven Swedish universities, created in order to further improve Sweden’s ability to meet society’s need for safe chemicals and a non-toxic environment.

Swetox was among the first research centers that work based on the 3M and 3R principles from its conception. At Swetox there was also a national research school dedicated to developing new research training programs and coordinating existing efforts in research education in the area.

More information

Find out more about initiatives in Sweden in a report published on the EU commission website.

Swedish legislation on animal protection, animal experiments and more useful information is available at Codex>>

The  National Board of Agriculture is the government agency responsible for ensuring animal welfare in Sweden.

The Swedish Research Council is funding 3R:s research.

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